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Separation Of Church And State

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Separation of Church and State - Founders European Historical Context
As indicated above, the "Separation of Church and State" metaphor blurs the distinction between a doctrinal religion and a denominational religion. The lack of this distinction automatically assigns the potential evil of the denominational religion to the doctrinal religion as explained below.

The pilgrims were ultimately forced to leave Europe and flee to the land we now know as America because of persecution and oppression. This persecution and oppression was a result of the Church of England, the Anglican Church, becoming the state church. It was an unholy alliance giving more power to both the church and the state to control the people.

The Anglican Church was a denominational church that persecuted religious nonconformists like the Puritans that just wanted to believe in the Bible and worship accordingly. As such they were not really a denomination. They were more of a doctrinal religion. In this case the denominational religion was the evil and the doctrinal religious group was the victim.

However, the denominational religion was not the only perpetrator of evil. The state was also a perpetrator. Neither states nor denominational religions are inherently evil. We are not always fearful of either a state or a denominational religion. It is the persecution and the oppression that are inherently evil. They can come from any organization that has power. However, the establishment clause was definitely added to the constitution to prevent a denominational religion from becoming the state religion not the doctrinal religion of Christian Theism.

Separation of Church and State - Summary of Fact Vs. Deception
The current implied meaning of the "Separation of Church and State" metaphor and its use is just the opposite of what was intended and what historical facts justify. Our framers feared a state denominational church based upon European history. The constitutional restrictions were targeted at our government to prevent it from making a denominational religion the state church. We actually embraced the Christian Theism doctrinal religion as the state religion. Now we are rejecting any expression or symbol of our doctrinal religion, which our framers embraced. We are treating the doctrinal religion of our heritage like a virus that must be expunged from the public square. We also have inverted the original intent of the "Separation of Church and State" metaphor. The oppression that the Christian Theism religion is now undergoing through the ACLU and activist judges is the same evil that the establishment clause in our constitution was intended to prevent. Our current state religion of humanism is using the full power of the government to oppress the nonconformists to its doctrine, which is exactly the opposite doctrine of Christian Theism.

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Information taken from: Dr. D James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe, "What if America were a Christian Nation Again."

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