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Greek god and goddesses

QUESTION: What were the names of the all the Greek gods and goddesses?


Below is an incomprehensive list of the Greek gods an goddesses:

Aphrodite, also known as Cytherea, Cypris, and Venus, governs desire, human fertility, sexuality/sexual passion, and is often pictured with a sceptre or a mirror, doves, apples, seashells, cupids, or nude.

Eros rules over falling in and out of love and is shown as a bow and arrow, wings, or nude.

Dionysos is the god of wine, intoxication, mysteries, theatre, and creative ecstasy and is often depicted as a drinking vessel, an ivy wreath, grape vines, or the thyrsos (a long fennel stalk topped with ivy leaves), or panther.

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and animals, as well as of childbirth. Her attributes include the bow and the fawn and she is often shown with her brother, Apollo, who appears as a youth, beardless, a bow, lyre, and laurel, in power of disease, music, prophecy, and the rational.

Hephaistos is a lame builder and craftsman for all the other gods and rules fire and crafts. Often portrayed as the axe and tongs, Hephaistos is also shown as bald and a hammer and anvil.

Hera, wife and sister of Zeus, is the patron of marriage and family, appearing as a pill-box hat, life of women, or peacock.

Zeus governs the weather, friendships, and suppliants in the forms of the thunderbolt, eagle, throne, scepter, beard, or oak tree.

Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Queen of the Underworld, is often shown as a torch, a crown, a sceptre, and stalks of grain.

Demeter rules the harvests and can be found with the animals in the shape of a matron, moon, or ears of corn. Artemis also appears as a moon, though rules wild animals, children, and chastity and is often also shown as a bow or short skirt.

Hermes oversees commerce, travel, trickery, and escorts the dead. He comes as a winged hat and sandals or caduceus, which is a staff with snakes.

Poseidon rules the sea and earthquakes as a beard or trident who rides over the sea.

Ares is god of warm violence and is beardless, a shield, sword, spear, or helmet.

Athena, ruler of defensive warfare, wisdom, arts and crafts, also appears in the form of a helmet, though can also be seen as an olive, owl, goatskin, or Gorgon's head.

Hestia, governor of hearth, is rarely pictured and, at that, only appears as a matron.

This list would be endless if each and every Greek god and goddess were listed and documented so, if you will, think of this short essay as a brief introduction into the fascinating and intriguing world of Greek gods and goddesses!

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