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Declaration of Independence and The Fourth of July

QUESTION: Declaration of Independence – The Fourth of July


The Fourth of July in the United States of America is a glorious celebration of a fledgling nation declaring its independence from British rule. However, could the Fourth of July represent something even more significant?

Picture this: A collection of God-fearing rebels in powdered wigs mustering the courage “for such a time as this” to finally declare independence from a broken system of man-based governance. Could it be that the Declaration of Independence was a landmark attempt to return a remnant of mankind to a system of governance that acknowledges God as the baseline?

Declaration of Independence – A Revolutionary Thought
Think about it. Except for some brief periods with the ancient Israelites, all state-governing systems in history have been built on one consistent theme:
    Those in power declare the rules and rights. Those in power enforce the rules and rights they have declared.
The Declaration of Independence is built on a revolutionary premise:
    God provides the basic rules and rights. Those in power serve as representatives of the people, enforcing the God-given rules and rights they already share. If the representatives start using their power to change the basic rules and rights, “we the people” have the power to replace the representatives and maintain the God-given baseline.
This is a huge revolution in thought and government!

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