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Christopher Columbus – His Spiritual Foundation

QUESTION: Christopher Columbus – His Spiritual Foundation


Years after his legendary journeys, as Christopher Columbus reflected on his great achievements, he wrote to his benefactors, the King and Queen of Spain, and gave God, not science, the credit for his success.

Christopher Columbus – His Letter to the King and Queen
Christopher Columbus wrote:
    "At this time I have seen and put into study to look into all the Scriptures, cosmology, histories, chronicles, and philosophy, and other arts which the Lord has opened to my understanding. I could sense his hand upon me, so it became clear to me that it was feasible to navigate from here to the Indies; and he locked within me the determination to execute the idea. And I came to your highness with this ardor. All those who heard about my enterprise rejected it with laughter, scoffing at me. Neither the sciences, which I mentioned above, nor the authoritative citations from them, were of any avail. In only your Highnesses remained faith and constancy. Who doubts the illumination of the Holy Spirit?"

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